Covid-19 Viewing Waiver

Covid-19 Viewing Waiver


I acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. I am entering the premises voluntarily and of my own free will without any coercion by any person or company and being fully aware that we are in the midst of a COVID19 virus pandemic and the virus appears to be highly contagious;
  2. I understand that by entering into or on the premises I may be exposing myself to the potential transmission of the COVID 19 virus to myself, my family or my friends and I knowingly, freely and voluntarily accept the inherent risks of this activity, including possible contamination, illness and death;
  3. I will maintain at least a 6 foot or 2 metre social distance from all other persons while in or on the premises;
  4. I will not touch any surfaces in the premises including but not limited to door handles, switches, windows or any other surfaces and if I want to open anything, I will request the Property Manager to do so for me;
  5. I will use the disinfectant wipes or sanitizer provided to me both upon entry and exit from the premises while understanding and agreeing that their use may be limited in the effectiveness of preventing viruses or diseases of any kind;

I agree to indemnify, save harmless, release, discharge, acquit and forgive the Owner, the Property Manager Cindy Hamel and/or Brooklyn Paterson and the real estate company, Royal LePage Northstar Realty or any one of them, from any and all liability, claims, actions, suits, demands, costs or expenses of every kind including negligence arising from or related to my attendance at the premises or any damages that occur as a result thereof.

(the “Premises”)