Renting Residential Property:
What Tenants Need to Know

Real estate professionals have a regulatory requirement to present you with this consumer information before providing services to you.

This information from the Real Estate Council of BC explains the role of a real estate professional when you are considering renting a property.

The real estate professional who gave you this form represents the owner of this residential rental property.

While this real estate professional can provide some limited services to you as a prospective tenant of this rental property, they owe a duty of loyalty to the owner, and are working for the owner’s best interests.

This form sets out what this real estate professional can and cannot do for you as a prospective tenant in relation to this rental property.

BC Financial Services Authority is the legislated regulatory agency that works to ensure real estate professionals have the skills and knowledge to provide you with a high standard of service. All real estate professionals must follow rules that help protect consumers, like you. We’re here to help you understand your rights as a real estate consumer. Keep this information page for your reference.

You can work with a real estate professional in one of the following ways:

They cannot

give you advice on terms and conditions to include in a tenancy agreement

negotiate on your behalf

share any of the owner’s confidential information with you

Because this real estate professional is working in the owner’s best interests, they have a duty to share important information with the owner if disclosed by you including, for example: your motivations, your financial qualifications, and your preferred terms and conditions.

They can:

share statistics and general information about the rental property market

provide you with standard forms and contracts such as a rental application and/or tenancy agreement

show the property

assist you to fill out a tenancy agreement

communicate your messages and present your offers to their client

Find information about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords from:

As a prospective tenant you should consider seeking independent professional advice about renting property.

This is a required disclosure form in compliance with sections 54 and 55 of the Rules under the Real Estate Services Act. The real estate professional must present the Renting Residential Property: What Tenants Need to Know information page to you along with this disclosure form.

Disclosure for Residential Tenancies

Real Estate Professional Disclosure Details

I disclose that I represent the owner of this rental property. I cannot represent you or act on your behalf.

Consumer Acknowledgment

This is NOT a contract
I acknowledge that I have received the Renting Residential Property: What Tenants Need to Know consumer information page and this disclosure form. I understand that the real estate professional named above is not representing me as a client or acting on my behalf in this transaction.